Putting it back together after a loss.

 There are lots of ways that an accident can happen.  My dad told me, "You can't stop bad things from happening to you.  All you can do is to lessen the pain."

We have been helping people get their homes back together after  a loss since 2005.

Many times an accident will turn into a blessing in disguise.   Some clients have used the insurance restoration as a start to making updates that were over do.

Turning a loss into a blessing in disguise is Silver Lining Restoration


  • No out of pocket except the deductible: Most of the time we can do the restoration work for what the insurance company provides 
  • Deal with the insurance company so you don't have to. 
  • New for Old: We use all new products when restoring your home.
  • Better than before: It is just what happens. Every single customer of ours has taken thi. You will be amazed how much a moved wall or more insulation will change your life. See lifestyle driven remodeling because these go hand in hand.
  • Fast first response: We can help minimize the amount of damage to your home and property
  • Help you get in contact with your insurance company. No insurance? We can help there too.
  • What if something was missed the first time. We will deal with the adjustor directly to get you fully reimbursed for the extra work.

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